Featured Artists

Viva Mexicana


We believe artists are like us in that their work is from the heart. So we feel a strong affinity towards them. We also like to promote and support West County’s many artists.

Usually artists find us. As long as the art is appropriate for families, has a theme, and goes with our decor, we are open.

If you are interested please send an email to info@vivamexicana.com with some pictures of your art for consideration.

This months Featured Artist

Patricia Marina

Patricia Marina is a mixed-media collage artist living in Bolinas, CA. In her most recent endeavor, she creates the effect of blooming flowers by stacking plates, saucers and candleholders. Symbolically, one plate is cradled within another and held by the glue of love, each part supporting the other in what she calls the ‘Circle of Life’. She says “Making art is a priority in my life; the creative process is a portal to knowing myself on deeper levels and has helped enrich my life. It’s a holy experience calling in the Muse and seeing what develops. My art often symbolizes or expresses a moment in life. I strive to grow with each piece I produce. I draw my inspiration from the natural world. In this environment my heart has broken open with joy. The beauty of my home spills over into art making. The immense creative energy of my community truly inspires me.”

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