Featured Artists

Viva Mexicana

We believe artists are like us in that their work is from the heart. So we feel a strong affinity towards them. We also like to promote and support West County’s many artists.

Usually, artists find us. As long as the art is appropriate for families, has a theme, and goes with our decor, we are open.

If you are interested please send an email to info@vivamexicana.com with some pictures of your art for consideration.

Our Featured Artist

Pedro Cruz Pacheco

Pedro works in watercolor, oil, and mixed media and hails from Santa Cruz Amilpas in the Valley of Oaxaca, the renowned center of folk art in Southern Mexico. Oaxacan art draws its strength from its native indigenous culture, rich with stories, legends, myths, and folklore – and it features the interplay of animals, people, symbols, and motifs. A familiar theme of Mexican magic realism is the animal-spirit transformation of the nahual (a mythical spirit that can turn into a human) – people can fly, and mysterious juxtapositions are the norm. His work is intimate, private, and incorporates personal symbols and talismans that reflect his own life experiences as well as the history and customs of Oaxaqueños. His paintings feature bright, vivid colors and his own deeply personal and heart-felt spiritual view of the world around him.

Initially, Pedro’s artistic training was self-taught; he also spent eight years working in the studio of master painter Felipe Morales. He has exhibited in Mexico (Oaxaca, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Merida, Monterrey), Texas, and California (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sonoma County, Eureka), and teaches watercolor workshops in Oaxaca and Baja, BCS, Mexico.


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